Charlotte Trossbach

Born 1985 in Mainz, Germany.
Lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

Charlotte Trossbach’s photorealistic images seek beauty in the superficial and fleeting. Her motifs depict everyday things, such as pleasurable products or consumer goods, which are painstakingly replicated on canvas in elaborate photographic aesthetics. Topics include light and the exposed, the moving and the transparent. Elegant and powerful, gloss and reflections, color gradients in liquids and complicated refractions are transferred to the canvas and thus create an illusion of plasticity and material. Painting as a plea for the original. Pictures as pictures, detached from functionality.

2004-09 Painting studies Prof. Andreas Orosz and studies in teacher education, Alanus Hochschule Alfter/Bonn

Solo exhibitions (Selection)

2016  virtuell 2: „Fokus Atelier“
Investment Forum 2016, BVI Frankfurt a.M.
2015 Rösterei Hoppenworth & Ploch, Frankfurt a.M.
„Nebenschauplätze“, Johanniter-Stift, Cologne
2011 „belichtet“, DavisKlemmGallery, Frankfurt a.M.
2007 „blickdicht“, TMC – Beratung für Marken, Mainz