Miron Zownir

Born 1953 in Karlsruhe, Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Miron Zownir has been regarded as one of the most radical contemporary photographers for almost 40 years. He took up photography during the heyday of punk in West Berlin and London, later on he moved to the USA capturing the hidden subcultures of New York. In 1995 when travelling to Moscow, he documented the homeless crisis in the city – a public tragedy he felt couldn’t be ignored. His highly visual and often heartbreakingly dark images have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. Indeed, his title, “the Poet of Radical Photography” (given to him by Terry Southern, the renowned American writer) feels completely apt even today. In 2016 he was nominated for the LEAD AWARD, the second time in succession.

His works have been exhibited at

Deichtorhallen, Hamburg
Fotomuseum Winterthur, Winterthur
Museum für Fotografie, Braunschweig
Centre de Cultura Contemporania, Barcelona
Akademie der Künste, Berlin