Dazed and Confused: Vibrant photos tells true stories of life as a Latinx in 80s Harlem. Tired of seeing his Latinx community misrepresented, Joseph Rodriguez pulled out his camera and took control of its story.

It took five years for Brooklyn-Born photographer Joseph Rodriguez to complete the Spansih Harlem series, his most expansive, thorough, and personal body  of work to date. A Puerto Rican New Yorker born in the 50s, Rodriguez grew up strongly Aware of the stereotypical narratives attributed to his community across the Mainstream media – a reductive, simplistic discourse he always felt the urge to defy. „As a Latino, I wanted to own my Story,“ he tells us. „That’s why it took me so Long to make this work – I wanted to do the opposite of what the media did, and go in deeper, give a broader, wider lens view of what it truly meant to be a part of this community of East Harlem, ‚El Barrio‘.“

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