Upcoming Exhibition

Charlotte Trossbach – Shine – Cologne

8 September - 20 October 2018, Cologne

On the occasion of the DC Open, the opening weekend jointly organized by Dusseldorf and Cologne galleries, the Galerie Bene Taschen will open its first solo exhibition in Cologne on September 7, 2018, with painter Charlotte Trossbach, who comes from Mainz.

The exhibition shows a collection of thirteen oil paintings that were created in 2018. The title characterizes Charlotte Trossbach’s trademark. Gloss and brilliance are given to the pictures by the used material. Paint, glass and metal shine out of the canvas. The viewer succumbs to an illusion. The images radiate strength, femininity, clarity and elegance.

Charlotte Trossbach’s photorealistic images seek beauty in the superficial and fleeting. Her motifs show everyday things, such as gourmet products or consumer goods, which are painstakingly replicated on canvas in elaborate photographic aesthetics. Deviations of the norm in a seemingly perfect order are lovingly projected onto the screen. Macro shots of secluded, still life-like scenes, which are given little importance in everyday life, are staged in a stylish way by Trossbach’s painterly arts. Spatial distance reinforces the motif of the photorealistic illusion, but from a close-up, individual color surfaces seem abstract. The aristocratic array of lipsticks in the work „London Lipsticks“ illustrates the almost documentary view of the painter, which arises from frontal perspectives and organizational structures. Themes in Charlotte Trossbach’s paintings include light and the illuminated, the moving and the transparent. Elegant and powerful, gloss and reflections, color gradients in liquids and complicated refractions are transferred to the canvas and thus create an illusion of plasticity and material. Painting as a plea for the original. Pictures as pictures, detached from functionality.

Charlotte Trossbach was born in 1985 in Mainz. She lives and works in Cologne.

Friday, September 7, 2018, 6 – 10 pm

Opening hours:
Wednesday – Saturday, 1 – 6 pm or by appointment

Moltkestraße 81
50674 Cologne

Image: © Charlotte Trossbach, London Lipsticks, 2018, Oil on canvas, 39 x 55 inches

London Lipsticks, 2018

Oil on canvas
100 x 140 cm (39 x 55 inches)
Kirschen, 2018

Oil on canvas
70 x 100 cm (28 x 39 inches)
Toffifee VI, 2018

Oil on canvas
70 x 100 cm (28 x 39 inches)