Past Exhibition

Group show 2017 – Cologne

20 January – 12 March, 2017

Miron Zownir // Ulrike Nattermüller // Joseph Rodriguez // Jamel Shabazz // Arlene Gottfried // Gregory Bojorquez // Oliver Blum

Six years after its founding and numerous pop-up exhibitions, the Cologne based Hardhitta Gallery will exhibit in a new location, which is right in the heart of Cologne. This will be cele- brated with a group exhibition including all artists, who are represented by the Gallery: the photographers Arlene Gottfried, Gregory Bojorquez, Jamel Shabazz, Miron Zownir and Jo- seph Rodriguez as well as the painters Ulrike Nattermüller and Oliver Blum.

Each artist tells his own story with his works, which is to be explored for the viewer. In the black-and-white as well as in the color works of the five photographers, the main focus is on people of different origins, their living conditions as well as their handling of their culture in the most diverse living situations. They are, on the one hand, motifs that reflect the hard sides of life: life as an outsider, the daily confusion with society, or the rivalries among the different gang members. On the other hand, they are motivated by friendship, family spirit, love, or simply the ease of being in the form of snapshots. Street photography at its best.

The painters of the gallery, Oliver Blum and Ulrike Nattermüller, show similarities in the design of their works through the abstract, partly figurative and intuitive; and yet their painting styles could not be more different. Ulrike Nattermüller’s paintings show a purity and stand in contrast to Oliver Blum’s artistically confused images full of contradictions and energy.

Gregory Bojorquez (* 1972) grew up in the east of Los Angeles, where he still lives and works today. His career and later passion began when he photographed his friends and his neighborhood. Bojorquez pictures contain all the life cultures of his hometown. His motifs are located between the worlds of Hollywood and the streets of L.A.

Oliver Blum (* 1978) was known for his dynamic experimental style, by means of which he found his individual style outside the usual forms and methods of work. His paintings show partly original structures, partly cubist-like abstractions, and still leave room for the individual interpretation of the viewer. He lives and works in Düsseldorf.

Arlene Gottfried (* 1950) is an American photographer who took her first pictures in 1969 during the legendary Woodstock Festival. The different groups and milieus in which she grew up fascinated Gottfried and she photographed the diversity of the city of New York in all its facets.

Ulrike Nattermüller (born 1955) was born in Wuppertal and studied at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf. From the 1970s she worked in the media photography, text, fabric, sculpture and painting.

Joseph Rodriguez (* 1951) lives and works in New York. Rodriguez, formerly a prisoner and a drug addict, found a way far away from crime and his future passion: photography, which was a therapy for him and a change of life. His pictures are illustrations of real life in which the human being is at the forefront.

Jamel Shabazz (* 1960) grew up in the streets of Red Hook in Brooklyn. Shabazz takes the viewer back to a different time and captures the 80s‘ sense of life with his shots. In his paintings, he notes the change of a new lifestyle and culture that is still relevant today.

Miron Zownir (* 1953) has been one of the most radical photographers of our time for more than 40 years. He photographed in western large cities like Berlin, London and New York and the post-Communist East of Europe. His photographs show outsiders of the society: drug addicts, homeless, prostitutes and small criminals. Zownir’s photographs give a penetrating insight into subculture circles. He lives and works in Berlin.