Past Exhibition

Oliver Blum – Echtzeitmalerei – Cologne

5 - 27 September 2014

With a new artist and the upcoming Exhibit – Oliver Blum: Echtzeitmalerei on view from September 5th through 27th, 2014 in Cologne – the Hardhitta Gallery is venturing out into new territories: contemporary painting. Oliver Blum is a German painter who studied at the Kunstakademie Duesseldorf as a student of Albert Oehlen and along side David Ostrowski. By depicting creatures and abstract humans as central motives in his work – Blum’s paintings shed light on the journey of self-exploration, freeing oneself from artistic norms and provocation that rises from within.

“Maybe my pictures are psychograms, images of my state of mind, spontaneously grown self-portraits in the end. However, the images do what they want anyway, they lure me into the unknown, a land of the creative, of uncertainties and into a world of surprises. Each of these images starts as an absolute blind flight, ending in great results that are able to speak for themselves.” (Oliver Blum)

Blum’s art leave a strong impression with the viewer through their dynamism, expressiveness and directness. His pieces glide between abstract and figurative painting, often using his fingers as his “brush.” Facial features are often estranged, making them unrecognizable and anonymous. He bends rules of perspective, explores the interaction between the image for- and background and plays with concrete and abstract, elusive spaces. The works are brought to life by a variety of materials ranging from oil, acrylic, varnish over wood to collages. They range from small-scale pieces made from wood to large-scale canvas.

Blum’s most extensive exhibition to date will premiere works filled with new inspiration and with a newfound freedom from the conventions of the arts. He sees his art as a mirror image and tangible expression of what is happening within – and thus, every painting depends on his own open-mindedness and allowing himself to connect to the flow of his art. His pieces take viewers on a journey to his – and vicariously their own – subconscious. On the journey of “daring to go into the blue and being positively surprised by what comes out.”

Oliver Blum was born in Duesseldorf in 1978. He lives and works in Duesseldorf.