Past Exhibition

Ulrike Nattermüller – Jumpsuit & Blazer – Cologne

3 November 2016 - 21 January 2017

The Hardhitta Gallery is pleased to welcome another artist – Ulrike Nattermüller – to the program with the new exhibition „Jumpsuit & Blazer“. The gallery showcases 11 large format images from the past years, which exemplify the independent position, which Ulrike Nattermüller has worked on in her painting since the 80s.

Ulrike Nattermüller ́s paintings are illuminated and because of their partially metallic material have their „own light“. Spatiality arises over iridescent surfaces, which are crossed by dull lines, danglings and lubricants. Sometimes the brilliancy of the colors leads to the radiations of the surfaces and contours.

Lines and gestures, though spontaneously and fleetingly painted, are set so precisely that situations arise that appear like slices of life. The perceptibility of painting shortens the distance between the image and the viewer directly. Fragments give space for associations. Through the paintings by Ulrike Nattermüller reality gains a completely unexpected expression.

Since the 70s Ulrike Nattermüller has been working in the media – photography, text, fabric, sculpture and painting . Her works have been exhibited by the following institutions: Museum Folkwang, Essen; Kunstmuseum Dusseldorf; Municipal Kunstmuseum Bonn; Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Bonn; Municipal Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach and „Aperto“ Venice Biennale.

Ulrike Nattermüller was born in 1955 in Wuppertal. She lives and works in Cologne.

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