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Thirty years before anyone had heard of Uber or Lyft, Joseph Rodriguez—born, raised, and still living in Brooklyn—was driving a taxi in New York City. He was driving to put himself through school at the International Center of Photography after having kicked heroin. (“I got into cab driving,” he says, “because I was too weak to get a stand-up job.”)

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DailyMail: Street photographer secretly snaps New Yorkers‘ private text messages – capturing heartbreak, bizarre inner thoughts, and life-changing moments in the unfiltered conversations

A street photographer has spent nearly three years secretly capturing images of unassuming New Yorkers‘ text messages, which range from heartbreaking to downright bizarre. Jeff Mermelstein, 63, from Brooklyn, has been using his iPhone to snap photos of strangers‘ cellphone screens on the street since October 2017, documenting both the intimate and mundane details of their private lives through their text messages.

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Museum für Fotografie: Wolfgang Schulz und die Fotoszene um 1980

Das Berliner Museum für Fotografie eröffnet am 16. Juli 2020 die Sonderausstellung „FOTOGRAFIE. Wolfgang Schulz und die Fotoszene um 1980“. Im Mittelpunkt steht das Magazin „FOTOGRAFIE. Zeitschrift internationaler Fotokunst“ und sein Herausgeber Wolfgang Schulz. Anhand von rund 240 Arbeiten von Wolfgang Schulz und anderer Fotograf*innen beleuchtet die Ausstellung eine wichtige Zeit des Umbruchs in der Geschichte der westdeutschen Fotografie.

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