Sleek: The Brooklyn native capturing young commuters in ’80s New York

In City Metro, a new exhibition of Brooklyner Jamel Shabazz’s photography at Galerie Bene Taschen in Cologne, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York City (or simply known as the MTA in its environs) plays an instrumental role. But whether they are riding on the trains, sitting on the bus, or standing somewhere at the station, it’s the people rather than the vehicles that are the central focus. Some of them are unaware of the camera, whereas others look directly into Shabazz’s lens, but almost all of them are youthful. His spirited and charismatic subjects represent an accurate, historical slice of New York City’s vibrant and diverse communities from the early ’80s up to the present day, made apparent through the different clothing styles and bold graffiti (or lack of it). 

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Vice: Wie du richtig Metro fährst, laut Fotografie-Legende Jamel Shabazz

Wie schön es wäre, wenn sich endlich mal jemand die Mühe machen würde, eine funktionierende Zeitmaschine zu erfinden. Der erste Stopp wäre definitiv New York City in den Achtzigern. Als Basquiat und Keith Haring die Kunstszene okkupierten, Style Wars die Zukunft definierte, als sich im CBGB und Warhols Factory heutige Legenden versammelten, als Run-DMC auf Block-Partys spielten. Natürlich lief in der Politik und Gesellschaft einiges schief – die übersprudelnde Kulturszene kreierte in der Jugend jedoch einen hoffnungsvollen Eskapismus. Und genau in dieser Zeit nahm auch die Karriere des Fotografen Jamel Shabazz ihren Lauf.

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The Fashion Stories: Jamel Shabbaz, témoin de la mode et de la rue new-yorkaise

Jamel Shabazz a dépassé le statut de photographe. Depuis les années 70, il sillonne les rues de New York et capture avec son appareil les comportements urbains. Son art, à la limite de la sociologie, documente l’histoire de la ville, les courants vestimentaires et musicaux qui la traversent. Son point fort: être un des rares observateurs de la jeunesse multicolore new-yorkaise et du mouvement hip-hop depuis sa naissance. L’exposition City Metro à la Galerie Bene Taschen de Cologne lui rend hommage.

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Blouin ArtInfo: Jamel Shabazz’s “City Metro” at Galerie Bene Taschen, Cologne

Galerie Bene Taschen, Cologne, will be hosting New York photographer Jamel Shabazz’s exhibition titled “City Metro,” from December 8, 2018, through February 2, 2019.

About 30 works, created since the early 1980s, show a different side of the “Big Apple” beyond the prestigious avenues and dazzling Broadway. In the spirit of street photography, Shabazz’s works document passengers on the popular New York transit system, capturing their fashion, moods, and traveling companions.

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L’Œil de la Photographie: The favorites of Florence and Damien Bachelot at Paris Photo

Black and white or color, portrait or landscape, not real constraints during this stroll thru Paris Photos but heart-throbs and emotions in front of photographs that impose themselves, Gordon Parks, Dave Heath, Robert Frank , exchanges with gallerists and the discovery of the worlds of Bruce Wrighton and Jamel Shabazz and the meeting of artists Laura Henno and Adrien Boyer. – Florence Bachelot

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