Sleek: The Brooklyn native capturing young commuters in ’80s New York

In City Metro, a new exhibition of Brooklyner Jamel Shabazz’s photography at Galerie Bene Taschen in Cologne, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York City (or simply known as the MTA in its environs) plays an instrumental role. But whether they are riding on the trains, sitting on the bus, or standing somewhere at the station, it’s the people rather than the vehicles that are the central focus. Some of them are unaware of the camera, whereas others look directly into Shabazz’s lens, but almost all of them are youthful. His spirited and charismatic subjects represent an accurate, historical slice of New York City’s vibrant and diverse communities from the early ’80s up to the present day, made apparent through the different clothing styles and bold graffiti (or lack of it). 

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